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Thanks NZTFI for organising a great sport! Always well organised, great venues, Same again next year! Thanks guys

John Smith East Coast Bays Tag

"For years I played Touch  and thought it was great fun. However since taking up Tag , I have found a far more varied and exciting sport. The ability to place grubber kicks and the extra skill needed in defence make for a better sport than touch. I also don't miss the arguments over phantom touches."

Joe Bloggs Western Springs Tag

I wanted to send you this email to say a big thank you to you and the rest of the team! I cannot put in words how much I enjoy playing Tag and how thankful I am for you guys to put such hard work into it week in and week out, to make it a pleasant experience for everyone.

I have met so many great people since I started in November, and some have become friends over this time, many of whom I look forward sharing more great moments with in the years to come.

Christina Jones Otara Tag Module

“I enjoy playing Tag as it allows me to meet people while playing a sport I love. As it is a new sport in Auckland it has been good to play in a fun social setting with others who either enjoy the sport as well or are just learning. The NZTFI have started a great thing, it's worth getting involved!”

Tom Lunchbox Porirua City Tag

"I started playing tag last year and have really enjoyed playing it. It's great exercise and a great way of meeting new people. The games are enjoyable and fun and whilst competitive, are mostly not taken too seriously. The games are properly refereed (although some dont always agree with the referee!!) by fully trained officials which helps make the game more enjoyable. Also, for many of us, it is one of the few opportunities we will get to represent our country, with regular international games being played between teams from the various countries.

I would recommend tag for everyone, but most especially for those who are (like myself) not bothered or built for playing full-contact rugby but also those looking to make new friends. It's a great way of creating a new circle of friends, with an excellent social scene. Come and see for yourself!"

Neville Nobody, Bay Roskill Tag

"I started playing tag 2 ½ years ago. I lacked significant experience of any form of rugby touch or league and at the time was weighing in at around 120kg with a 44” waist – quite large for a human - sprinting really wasn’t my thing, and no-one would have described me as sprightly, but I was persuaded by colleagues that none of these things would preclude me from contributing to the work’s team or enjoying the sport. In my first game I struggled to last five minutes and worried that this wasn’t going to be the game for me, but with matches less than a few minutes’ walk from home it was too convenient to give up and the social side of the game was excellent"

"Over the last couple of years I’ve developed as player: I’m slimmer 100kg; fitter (I’ll now play two or perhaps three forty-minute games back to back given the opportunity); faster and more agile (I no longer expect to be the slowest, lumbering person on the pitch) than I could have imagined – I’ve scored tries, won championship medals, been nicknamed, "Twinkletoes" among other things and even been a "player of the match" on more than one occasion. It’s very addictive, I currently play three times a week for different teams at various venues across London, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Above everything that I’ve gotten out of tag, it’s a tremendous amount of fun and I've made numerous amounts of new friends!"

Sione Kafua Manukau Tag

"Thanks for another great year of tag! NZTFI do a marvellous job and tag has really transformed my time in the game and I can't say thanks enough!"

NZTFI is forever in my heart and mind and I'm absolutely sure it is just going to grow in both size and popularity. Onwards and upwards!"

Rachael Rox Watchmens Waitemata Tag

"I came to the game with virtually no rugby touch or league experience. They've been perfectly welcoming to players of all types of skill and ability. It's tough, fast and great fun."

Billy Bob Canterbury Tag